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Community Resources

Signing Exact English Resources:
S.E.E. Center – The SEE Center provides quality training and support for those who use Signing Exact English. Offers S.E.E. Workshops, computer software, parent packets, research information, and SEE sign apps for tablet/smart phone. Administers the Educational Sign Skills Evaluation (E.S.S.E.) assessment for S.E.E. interpreters/ translators and teachers.

S.E.E. Classes at Children’s Hospital
Contact Alisa George
Also facebook.com/seemesign and www.seeclasses.blogspot.com

Online S.E.E. dictionary

Modern Signs Press — purchase dictionaries, DVDs, and access to the online SEE dictionary modernsignspress.com

National SEE Trainers

  • James Kilpatrick has worked for over 25 years as an educational interpreter from Pre-K to Graduate School/Law School. James is certified in three modes of sign language communication: American Sign Language (Advanced), Conceptually Accurate Signed English (Advanced), and Signing Exact English (Mastery). James has a BSE in Spanish Education (K – 12) and a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education with concentrations in language development and TESOL. James is also an Instructor of SEE for the SEE Center; and he works as a video, Tri-lingual Interpreter for Latinos who are Deaf/HOH. Furthermore, James continues to work as a Spanish professor and trainer/mentor for sign language interpreters and Deaf Ed teachers in the Kansas City area. He is happy to talk about the use of SEE in the classroom, sign language skill development, and/or tri-lingual challenges for Deaf/HOH children from Spanish-speaking households.
  • Patrice Stephenson had the good fortune of meeting other parents of children with deafness when hers was a baby. These parents banded together to see that there were adequate resources for successfully educating children, including SEE , so she began learning 35 years ago. The SEE Center was a huge support, and she became an interpreter and a SEE instructor, traveling in the US, Canada and Singapore training parents and professionals. She coordinated and taught an educational interpreting program and co-authored Signing Exact English Affixes in 2003. These days she continues to do Skillshops, conferences, and such, and teaches classes to families for Via Christi Hospitals in Wichita, KS. She will love hearing from others who might contact her for support.

Other Resources:

Childhood Communication Center – Seattle Children’s Hospitalseattlechildrens.org
Care for children with hearing loss and speech problems. Programs include the Cochlear Implant Program (PDF [Spanish]), Hearing Loss Clinic (PDF [Spanish]), and Family Conversations Early Intervention Program. Offers ongoing support for children and their families.

Family Conversations Early Intervention Program – 0-3 Services for D/HH Children www.seattlechildrens.org
Home based program for Western Washington families with children from birth to age 3 who are deaf or hard of hearing. Team members support parents and caregivers as they explore the many tools that can help very young children with hearing loss learn and grow. Also provides Family Conversations Groups for children to practice listening, language and literacy in a supported and fully accessible environment and for parents to learn with and from each other talk about raising a child with hearing loss.

Center for Childhood Deafness & Hearing Loss (CDHL)cdhl.wa.gov/
Charged by the legislature to assist school districts in their commitment to provide a free and appropriate education for their deaf and hard-of-hearing students, CDHL is an agency that provides services for all children with hearing loss in Washington State. Program supports deaf and hard-of-hearing students (ages birth to 21), their families, and school teams across all communication modalities.

Hearing Speech and Deafness Centerhsdc.org
Carries over 300 products, including amplified phones and alarm clocks, as well as signaling and safety equipment for common sounds such as doorbells, baby cries, or fire alarms. Also stocks supplies to maintain and protect hearing aids and cochlear implant processors.

School Placement, Evaluation, IEP & Program Planning for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Students

Seattle Area Audiology Clinics

Parent Organizations

Other Resources