Video Testimonials

As the proud parents of two NWSDHH students, Shawn and I cannot adequately express our appreciation and respect for the school and staff. When our son Riley was three years old we learned he had severe hearing loss. There was no history of deafness in our family so there was no roadmap for us to follow. Lucky for us, NWSDHH was close and we were able to enroll Riley in the school as a preschooler.

When our daughter Chelsea was born a few years later, we quickly learned she had the same hearing loss as her brother and she began attending the school on her third birthday.

Both children have excelled and flourished at the school. Chelsea is now eight years old, doing advanced schoolwork and will be entering the 4th grade next fall. Riley just graduated from the 8th grade, received the Student of the Year award, is very social and smart and is looking forward to mainstreaming with deaf and hearing kids as a freshman at Edmonds-Woodway High School this year.

NWSDHH has provided support for us as parents and, more importantly, incredible opportunities for Riley and Chelsea. Our children have thrived and continued to thrive in ways that exceeded all expectations and are prepared for academic, personal and professional success.

– Eric B., NWSDHH Parent