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The Shelton/Seal Family Fund

Lynn Shelton and her son Milo Seal.

Lynn Shelton was a beloved member of the Northwest School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children (NWSDHH) community, proud mother of her son Milo Seal, and steadfast champion for all deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Like our school’s co-founders, Lynn shared the belief that extraordinary things are possible when these children have the education, resources and supports they need. Lynn’s family will be forever grateful to NWSDHH for the exceptional and unique educational experiences provided to Milo.

Milo’s father, Kevin Seal, spent some time with us remembering when Milo was first diagnosed with hearing loss, “When my wife Lynn and I discovered that our son Milo was deaf (following meningitis contracted at age 1), we had a million questions and concerns.

Lynn Shelton, Kevin Seal and Milo Seal at Milo’s 8th grade graduation from Northwest School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children. Today, Milo is finishing his junior year at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

How would this affect his life? What is the best way to communicate with him? Sign? Oral? Should he get a cochlear implant? And what about his schooling, what were the best options for his education? After much casting about, talking with scores of people, and doing research, we chose to give Milo an implant, to sign and speak with him, and send him to NWSDHH. The close, personal, professional attention that Milo received from pre-school through eighth grade was invaluable to Milo and our family. The school’s deep commitment to literacy gave Milo the skills and passion for learning to open up his world. He hopes to one day live in Japan, study birds, and write science fiction novels. Thank you Northwest.”

Milo winning Most Outstanding Player at the regional Deaf Academic Bowl with Lynn, Kevin and Milo’s grandparents Wendy and Alan Roedell.

Lynn’s mother, Wendy Roedell, PhD Developmental Psychologist reflected on Milo’s educational journey, “Thanks to the school’s use of Signing Exact English along with spoken language, Milo developed outstanding reading and writing skills. The strong academic background and supportive social environment he received allowed him to be successful through high school, and go on to further success at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he is completing his junior year majoring in biology with a minor in Japanese. The language skills fostered by the NWSDHH with their unique approach are absolutely critical for the successful development of young deaf and hard-of-hearing children. This school is a treasure in our community, and held a special place in Lynn’s heart.”

To honor Lynn’s legacy, The Shelton/Seal Family Fund has been created by Lynn’s parents, Mac Shelton and Frauke Rynd, Wendy and Alan Roedell, and Milo’s father, Kevin Seal. Gifts to The Shelton/Seal Family Fund will allow our school to continue to dream big things for deaf and hard-of-hearing children and expand the services which were instrumental in Milo’s success. The Shelton/Seal Family Fund will help to ensure that, like Milo, children for generations to come will have the opportunity to thrive.

Milo Seal with his grandparents, Mac Shelton and Frauke Rynd.

Gifts to The Shelton/Seal Family Fund may be made in a variety of ways. To give online, please use the giving tool below. If you would like to learn more about making a gift through stock, Donor Advised Fund or Foundation, please contact Sara Reyerson, s.reyerson@northwestschool.com, 206-963-0330.

Gifts may also be mailed. Please make checks payable to:

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