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Spoken Language and Listening

callout-communicateSpeech and listening skills are always a focus at NWSDHH. Students have daily individual speech instruction. Everyone is expected to use their best speech in all communication throughout the day. Data taken daily is used to guide individual and group instruction.

We work collaboratively with school districts, parents and area professionals to obtain the best personal assistive listening devices and FM systems for each child. All students receive listening checks twice a day to make sure that their equipment is working properly. Individualized strategies encourage students to use their listening skills in every conversation or lesson. Each student participates in daily one-on-one auditory learning activities designed to assist them in learning to maximize their use of their personal amplification.


NWSDHH has provided support for us as parents and, more importantly, incredible opportunities for Riley and Chelsea. Our children have thrived and continued to thrive in ways that exceeded all expectations and are prepared for academic, personal and professional success.
Eric B., NWSDHH Parent
Why are you happy your child goes to NWSDHH? Learning English! Friendships, Loving environment, Academics. Independence, Self-Esteem.