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Our Curriculum

classroom20largeDeafness is a difference, not a disability.

At a Glance:

  • Designed to keep students performing at or above grade level
  • Highly personalized education with approximately 6 students per class
  • Students receive 15 minutes of individualized one-on-one communication instruction per day
  • Model based on oral/aural skill development, Total Communication and Signing Exact English
  • Curriculum follows Washington State Common Core Standards
  • NWSDHH students mainstream at a local school for general education experience

At Northwest School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children (NWSDHH) we don’t believe that deafness is an obstacle to academic excellence. Our students are proving us right, as the great majority are performing at or above grade level.

Our rigorous curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards with a focus on building the English grammar and reading skills critical to learning any subject. To teach these essential communication skills, we use research-based instructional methods and highly effective teaching strategies.

Small class size and highly personalized learning define the classroom experience at NWSDHH. Each class has about six students with one Teacher of the Deaf and one teaching assistant. Our students also receive 15 minutes of individualized tutoring per day in speech, listening, vocabulary and English language skills.

As students approach grade level proficiency and confidence, they participate in one or more general education classes at nearby schools to begin preparing for their eventual transition into their home school.

Collaborating with our students, their families, and general education teachers, we ensure our students are ready to continue their educational journey as independent, confident and engaged learners.