Karen Appelman

Karen Appelman

Karen Appelman and Judy Callahan, Directors of Northwest School For Hearing-Impaired Children, worked together in the public school system from 1973-1980.  While lecturing at the University of Washington, Karen and Judy, co-authored the textbook Teaching the Hearing-Impaired Through Total Communication on successful techniques they had developed for teaching deaf and hard of hearing children. These techniques result in complete, original English sentences from D/HH students, as well as grade level achievement and growth in self-confidence. With these skills, deaf and hard of hearing students are given the opportunity to become an active, successful part of hearing society.

Judy Callahan

Judy Callahan

These outstanding educators have dedicated their lives to providing what is now three decades of unparalleled education to deaf and hard of hearing students in Western Washington.   The success of their efforts is documented in recent research demonstrating that graduates of Northwest School for Hearing-Impaired Children are significantly better educated, better employed and more independent than a national sample of young deaf adults.  (Read more)


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    September 2nd
    First day of school for 1st - 8th grade students

    September 20th
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    September 8th
    First day for Preschoolers and Pre-K students

    October 6th
    School Picture Day

    October 9th
    Curriculum Night
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